Charby the Vampirate!


amy-of-darkness very random thought but im reading over the revamps of charby and all (they are so damn good omfg) and then all of the sudden i just think “menu is bobby hill”

i don’t know what’s wrong with my mind but

there ya go

(>▽<) *dies laughing* Oh my gosh! It’s true, and the best part about you saying that is that’s what his voice sounds like too!  (◉‿◉)

Yeee I am glad to hear you are enjoying the Revamped stuff too!

CTV ReVamped # 53: Going Out On A Limb
It&#8217;s Werewolf versus monstrous purple bear!

CTV ReVamped # 53: Going Out On A Limb

It’s Werewolf versus monstrous purple bear!

Feed Teh Zambie?



There’s been a serious drop-off in commands, guys. There’s no rush, but I can only update so long as there’re arrows! ==>

Let’s feed the little guy, huh?

Give this awesome person some commands! I know a lot of my readers here are fans of both Maggot Boy and Homestuck so you should totally go watch this blog and give it some love and interaction. The art is awesome and it makes me smile whenever I see it update. And go look who the MB Fandom’s friend is too! (◕ ᵕ ◕)

If you haven’t read Maggot Boy yet, I highly recommend it! It’s got great art and characters, and the author is one of the sweetest and most considerate people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing! MB is one of my top favorite comics. (⌒‿⌒)

So now, go give commands to this blog, I wanna see where this goes, and hopefully get back to more MBF’s shenanigans! („ʘ◡ʘ„)

Here There Be Monsters # 20: Dropped Call
I really admire how Neila drew the moon on this page. :)

Here There Be Monsters # 20: Dropped Call

I really admire how Neila drew the moon on this page. :)

Computer update: Ugh, what is wrong with this thing! Diagnostics told us it’s the hard drive, so we get a new one, which doesn’t work so we returned it for a replacement… and it still doesn’t work! Whatever is wrong, it’s beyond our reckoning or budget to take care of now (especially if it’s the motherboard and the computer is a stinking liar!) so we’re in the process of switching things over to the games/backup laptop (which we never expected to have to use for backup because the desktop isn’t even that old, the crappy laptop I’m typing this on is older than it and still working fine despite screen corruption!). It’s taking all day to do a backup, and we still need to set things up so that will probably mean even more delay for the next page of whatever comic. Once that’s all set up I’ll let you all know when to expect a new page, I was close to done on a ReVamped and HTBM, and I’ll pull an all-nighter to get something updated this week sooner than later if possible.

Sorry everyone, but thanks for your patience!

Alright, update on the situation.

Good news first! We were able to recover the files, and they seem to be intact! Nick spent the whole week trying to get things working, and the last 2 days copying everything to an external HD and I don’t remember the specifics, but it was a very involved process. Thankfully his boss lent a little help in this too so I owe him one! (He lent the apparatus that makes an internal HD readable like a flash drive so we could transfer everything)

And youse all keeping your fingers crossed for me helped a lot too!  (◕∇◕) You helped me stay positive, and that means more than you know.

The crappy news: still not anywhere near figuring out what is going on with my work computer, but it looks like I’ll have to switch over to Nick’s game laptop for the time. We bought it as a back-up to begin with, I’ve just never had cause to use it before because I’ve never had a desktop die on me like this! We may still end up having to take it to a shop because we can’t figure out why it keeps crashing despite everything we’ve done. Gremlins maybe?

We’re going to continue our efforts to do this on the cheap first, we really have little choice there.

It’s a bummer to be sure, but I got what I really needed out of it so I’m not going to complain about this particular instance of misfortune. That HD with all my files backed up saved my life. I don’t know what I’d do if we weren’t able to rescue all that stuff.

We may end up putting some physical art up for sale to help with the costs, because this came at the absolute WORST time for needing to spend the money we require for other very important things like getting Nick’s painful wisdom teeth out, which we’ve had to postpone several times already because of things like this.

Pretty much me right now

Pretty much me right now

Have a little Skzzldrix. Just don&#8217;t eat anything he offers you&#8230; it&#8217;s probably poisoned.

Have a little Skzzldrix. Just don’t eat anything he offers you… it’s probably poisoned.

prussianmoose said: You have to copy/paste into a text post! It’s a paiiin.

Ah like this then! Thanks! (◕ ᵕ ◕)

(I don’t know how to reply to comments haha)

Thanks randumbdaze for the advice on tags! I edited the tags, I really appreciated the suggestions! I can never think of good tags for some reason…

OH I forgot why I even opened a text up before! I wanted to thank everyone for the well-wishes, support and encouragement! It really helped me and made me feel a little better. Thanks youse all. :D

I didn&#8217;t post Pretzel up here yet eh? (at least just this picture) Here she is then. Pretzel the Tatzelwurm.

I didn’t post Pretzel up here yet eh? (at least just this picture) Here she is then. Pretzel the Tatzelwurm.

I cannot stand not being able to work on anything! I’m gonna just drop some stuff that was on my flashdrive in here. I was working on customizing some stuff and kinda hit a wall because I can’t find anything in this room. And something has got me sneezing argh! I need to get some paint that doesn’t peel off on moveable joints, I used a Gundam marker (for painting Gundam models, of course) on a small action figure and for some reason it ATE the plastic and both the forearms fell off! All my greenstuff epoxy is drying in bits and comes up lumpy. I can’t find the black tube for my grey stuff. But, I did play with some Mod Podge in my glue gun and that worked out pretty good. Also good that it cools fairly quick because I’ve had such an “I don’t give an eff” ‘tude since this forced hiatus from work that my fingers would be burnt all to heck with the amount of times I ended up with warm plastic stuck to them. I also wore an open sore into my ring finger because I didn’t even register the blister while I was working with pliers. I get in the zone hardcore.That chunk of plastic anime hair was no match for me though. I’m out of Hello Kitty Bandaids.(⌒︵⌒)

Still holding out hope that the HD will be recovered!

Well, bad news. There won’t be an update this week because over the weekend I came home to my computer blue screen of death’d for no discernible reason, but diagnostics suggest it might be a problem with the hard drive. I’m at an absolute standstill because everything I was working on is on that HD. I don’t care if I have to start from scratch remaking my custom brushes and swatches, spend an entire day reinstalling all my programs, as long as I don’t lose everything I was working on… I’m hoping so hard that everything can be recovered. Otherwise our plans for printing a book and the second Tonius book are out the window, as well as all the ReVamped pages I worked on ahead of time, and so too HTBM, and several pages of the ongoing story I worked on ahead of time… it feels like every time I pull ahead life sticks it’s foot out and makes me eat dirt.

 We’re trying everything but luck has not been with us lately.  (TT﹏TT)

CTV ReVamped #52: Stickerbrush Misery
I learned a thing today. Apparently the things on a rose stem are prickles, not thorns! Shame on ya, Poison!
"Eeeev&#8217;ry rose has it&#8217;s prickles!"
Pickles rhymes with that, make it work, man!

CTV ReVamped #52: Stickerbrush Misery

I learned a thing today. Apparently the things on a rose stem are prickles, not thorns! Shame on ya, Poison!

"Eeeev’ry rose has it’s prickles!"

Pickles rhymes with that, make it work, man!